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Hello, Meet Bellweather!


Hi there!

We are so excited to introduce Bellweather, a creative agency focused on branding and campaign services for travel-focused clients. We make work that inspires people to spend money on travel.

How do we do this?
We do this through making work that people respond to.

How do we know they respond to it?
Because they book a hotel room or plane ticket, share the link with their friends, write a story about it, take a selfie in front of it, pin it on Pinterest, wear it on a tshirt, etc. These responses turn into bookmarked/planned itineraries, travel, or more eyeballs on the destination. We see all of these responses as a win, and recognize that you need all three to make a compelling brand campaign.

People like to talk about data, markets, targeting, and retargeting. We know data is a useful barometer of success. But we are also very aware that every modern person is faced with a deluge of images, campaigns, offers, and stories. The only way you know you’re making an impact is through the responses elicited (and thankfully most of them digitally trackable). That’s data we stay focused on: Are we getting a response? Are we cutting through the noise?

If we’re not getting a response, we change. We are not wedded to some grand idea if it isn’t working.

Aren’t there a million shops like you? How are you any different from anyone with an Apple laptop loaded with Adobe Creative Suite?
No one has the experience and track record we do. We’ve been there, and built it, and paved the way that so many others have copied. We set the standards that others follow.

We build brand systems that live for years and only grow stronger with time. We don’t deliver a set of tools that no one can reproduce or build on. Instead, we look at the client and tailor a set of tools (mainly through brand guidelines and templates) that we plan will live on for at least a decade (that’s how we judge a strong brand.)

We can make compelling work because we look like the world and come from the world. Between the three of us, we’ve lived in 10 states and visited 48. We are bicoastal, which is a big win for time differences: for 96% of the country, we are available during business hours (sorry Hawaii and Alaska). Because we’ve been in the world, we have the contacts that no one else has. No one can beat the art directors, writers, videographers, editors, or social media strategists we work with.

But we never do the same work twice. We think of ourselves as couture designers; we make what we feel is the most responsive, flattering, perfectly tailored brand for each client and then begin again from scratch for another.

J, E, L